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By: Herman Wajoy

This Agreement was held in Rome, the Capital of Italy at 30th September 1962 after New York Agreement 15th August 1962. This Agreement came because the suggestion of Mr. Elsworth Bunker. It was signed by Indonesia, USA, and Nederland Kingdom.

The Rome Agreement provided among other this the following :


  1. Referendum or the Act of Free Choice set for 1969 in the New York Agreement of August, 1962. To be delayed or possible cancelled.
  2. Indonesia to rule West Papua for the next twenty - five years (25) effective from the first of May, 1963.
  3. Method to be use in implementation of the Act of Free Choice or Referendum would be " musyawarah system" in accordance with the Indonesian Parliamentary practice.
  4. UN's final report on the implementation of the Act of Free Choice presented to the UN General Assembly be accepted without open debate.
  5. The United State of America be responsible to make an investment through Indonesian State Companies for the Exploration of mineral, petroleum and other resources of West Papua.
  6. The USA guarantees the Asian Development Bank US $. 30 Million to be granted to the United Nation Development Programe (UNDP) to develop West Papua for a Period of twenty-five (25) years.
  7. The USA guarantee the World Bank funds for Indonesia to plan and implement its transmigration program where Indonesian were resettled in West Papua starting from 1977.

This Agreement was signatured in the capital of Italy, Rome at 30th September 1962 after New York Agreement at 15th August 1962 in UN Headquarter. It was signatured by 3 country; that is Republic of Indonesia, Nederland Kingdom, and United State of America.


Copy of Rome Agreement below: =======================================================