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New York Times 1 December 1961

Naskah Asli Komisi Nasional Papua Barat

After West New Guinea Parliamentary (New Guinea Raad) astablishment, so they (the Parliament's members) maked a National Commite of West Papua ,  so finaly the national comite had meet and maked the National Flag of West Papua, National Song, and the National Symbol of people. The leader of this Comite is Mr. Willem Inury.

             On initiatife New Guinea Raad (NGR) members : Mr. Nicolas Jouwe, Mr. Eliezer Jan Bonay, Mr. N. Tanggahma, and Mr. F. Torrey so at the night, 19th October 1961, 80 Papuan Indigenous meet at NGR office in Hollandia (now is Jayapura). At the meeting they had establish a National Committee that with one voice they agree and signatured an Manifest who was arranged  by the NGR initiatief. The Manifest explain about Independent of West Papua from the Colonialism. The Manifest of the National Committee of Papoea are below :

We are signatured below, Peoples of West Papua from groups, tribes and religion, feel banded and union as one nation and one native country.


For people of the world and West Papuan , that :

  1. Base on clause 73 of United Nation Charter, section a and b.

  2. Base on manifest about independent for the region where had not Self Government. That include in United Nation 15th Session at 20th September 1960 until 20 December 1960 No. 1514 (XV).

  3. Base on our Rights as Indigenous People in this island.

  4. Base on our wanted about Self Independent, so we are through our respresentative in National Committee and our New Guinea Raad to push Nederland New Guinea' Gavernor and Nederland Government so that start from 1rd November 1961 :

           a.  Our flag must be wafe behind Nederland's flag.

           b.  Our National Song " Hai Tanah Ku Papua " was

                sang behind Willhemus.

           c.  The name of our land become Papua Barat

                (West Papua).

          d.   The name of our nation become Papua.

On this base, so we are West Papuan demand so that we get ourselves place, same as free nation and between that nation we life well and also keep the world peace.

By this Manifest, we invite people who love native country to agree and keep it safety, because this is the one base of independent for us West Papua nation.


Hollandia, 19th October 1961.


 New Guinea Parliament Office

(Now is People Representative Councile of Republic Indonesia)


Members of Niuew Guinea Raad Pictures



 National Song of West Papua (This is the original song of West Papua)

(This Song was created by Samuel Ishak Kijne in Miei Village on Wondama Bay in 1930s)





 State Seal of West Papua

(Paradise Birds)


National Flag of West Papua

(This Flag was created by Nicolas Jouw in Hollandia)