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Grail Knight Foundation's United Nations Report on the State of WorldIndigenous People and Conditions of West Papu

Posted on May 22, 2012 at 3:45 AM

Grail Knight Foundation United Nations Report on the State of World Indigenous People and conditions of West Papua


By Charles Johnson

Date: 05/21/2012

Based upon documentation in the United Nations publication, “State of the World Indigenous People”,

the UN recognizes the critical nature of indigenous resistance. The UN additionally comprehends the need and demand of indigenous self determination even postulates the support of indigenous self determination globally. However in light of all the evidence documented and “historicalized” by the UN, the many well documented cases of genocide, as in West Papua, fall seemingly upon deaf ears as no true response nor demand for accountability for crimes against humanity have been enforced by the United Nations.

As a member of the West Papua Liberation Organization (OPPB) ambassador delegation to the United Nations, it is my responsibility to report that the West Papuan people continue to endure systemic discrimination, the exclusion of political, economic and social powers while security sweeps that imprison peaceful demonstrators and torture with impunity continues to this very day. This continued and prejudice Indonesian colonization has caused on going displacement from indigenous lands and the deprivation of sustainable resources fueling the Papuan people to the precipice of extinction.

Every form of discrimination against the indigenous of West Papua is easily recognized and well documented yet continues with impunity. Today no sanctions exist against Indonesia to force accountability for humanitarian violations and crimes. The United States as well as Australia and other European countries, including Russia and China, negotiate military arms and supply contracts while offering anti terrorist and special force training that will ultimately be used against people with arrows and spears.

The final road taken by the United Nations regarding the criminal treatment and criminal colonization of West Papua by Indonesian authorities will be the UN position held towards indigenous people globally.

Today slow genocide has continued and the People of the unrecognized Republic of West Papua will become extinct over the next decade. Indonesia has closed all borders of West Papua to Journalists, Humanitarian Aid workers, UN investigators. The UN officials state that they make unanswered phone calls to the Indonesian government and has told our delegation that they can not endorse aid at this time advising to seek international support individually.

Our current demand, as is many the demand by many international humanitarian agencies and watch groups:

Pressure Indonesian government, through sanctions and other, to release all prisoners incarcerated for peaceful protests and flying of the Morning Star flag.

End torture and bring accountability to those responsible for crimes against humanity.

Force accountability on foreign corporations involved in acts related to genocide and crimes against humanity operating within West Papua, i.e. Freeport McMoran

Give recognition to West Papua self determination empowering the Republic of West Papua as a sovereign people.


1. Human Rights Watch report to the UN on genocide in West Papua (2011)

2. Dr. Octavious Mote UN report on West Papua (2012)

3. State of The World's Indigenous People (UN 2012)

4. Gender and Indigenous People (UN21012)

5. West Papua Media (2012)



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Reply gustaaf
8:08 PM on August 2, 2012 
statement wplo
Reply Charles
1:20 PM on May 25, 2012 
this is the revised report being given to UN Special Rapporteurs. http://www.scribd.com/doc/94466076/westpapuareport2012