Gallery Gallery Mr. Elsworth Bunker He is the US Diplomat who fight with Communist in Asia. He is the successor of the Integration of West Papua into the Republic of Indonesia. 47167112 John. F. Kennedy He is the US President who deleted the West Papua Nation in Decolonization Process. 47167113 Refuges of West Papua The Papuan Refuges in Vanimo - Papua New Guinea Country. More then 5000 flew to PNG on 11 February 1984. 47167114 Action of West Papua This is the action of West Papua in Jayapura City (The Capital of Papua Province) in 1999 to against Indonesia government. 50608572 Papuan Military The Papua soldier who flew to Papua New Guinea with the Exodus. 50608573 Soekarno & Bunker Indonesia President Soekarno and Mr. Elsowrth Bunker (The Mediator) between Dutch and Indonesia. 50608574 Permenas Awom & Acub Zainal Permenas Awom is the leader of OPPM (Organisasi Pembebasan Papua Merdeka). After Indonesia lied them to out from Guerrilla Fighting and meet with Acub Zainal (Indonesia Military Commander). After meet he was killed by Indonesia military. 50608575 Awom and Guerrilla Sergeant PVK (Papoea Vrijwillegers Korps) and some Papuan Guerrilla in Manokwari on 1970s. 50608576 Awom and Indosia militaru The Papuan protester in Hollandia on 1961 to pressure the Dutch to Declared the Nation of West Papua. 62431005 Lokasi Penambangan Ems, PErak, Tembaga, Lokasi Penambangan Ems, PErak, Tembaga, 62431007 Papoea Vrijwilleger Korps This is the Volunteer Corps to support Dutch fight with Indonesia infiltrant 62433217 Yawan Wayeni was killed by Indonesia Police He was killed by Indonesia Police after manipulated the war between Papuan guirlla and Police. 62432528